Lending Rates for LIBOR-Based Single Currency Loans (SCLS)

(For Loans to Which Invitation to Negotiate
Was Issued on Or After July 31, 1998 and Signed Before September 28, 2007 ~)
Lending Rates for LIBOR-based* Single Currency Loans (SCLs)

Interest Period BeginningLending Rate**
15-JUL-1999 3.26
15-JUN-1999 3.04
15-MAY-1999 2.96
15-APR-1999 3.03
15-MAR-1999 3.42
15-FEB-1999 3.42
15-JAN-1999 3.50
15-DEC-1998 3.65
15-NOV-1998 3.98
15-OCT-1998 3.95
15-SEP-1998 3.92
15-AUG-1998 4.02
15-JUL-1998 4.02
* Stated on 6MO LIBOR 30/360 day count basis.
** Applicable for disbursed amounts on fixed-rate SCLs prior to rate fixings. For loans negotiated in the current month, annuity-type amortization schedule is developed using the previous six-months average LIBOR-based SCL lending rates. ~ For VSL loans for which invitation to negotiate was issued on or after July 31, 1998 and signed between May 16, 2007 and September 27, 2007, borrowers have the option to retroactively apply the new 30 basis point lending spread (originally 75 basis points) by signing an amendment to the original loan agreement. Waivers will not be applicable for loans which are amended.