Lending Rates for LIBOR-Based Single Currency Loans (SCLS)

(For Loans to Which Invitation to Negotiate
Was Extended Prior To July 31, 1998~)
Lending Rates for LIBOR-based* Single Currency Loans (SCLs)

Interest Period BeginningLending Rate**
15-OCT-2011 1.54
15-SEP-2011 1.49
15-AUG-2011 1.43
15-JUL-2011 1.40
15-JUN-2011 1.38
15-MAY-2011 1.39
15-APR-2011 1.40
* Stated on 6MO LIBOR 30/360 day count basis.
** Applicable for disbursed amounts on fixed-rate SCLs prior to rate fixings. For loans negotiated in the current month, annuity-type amortization schedule is developed using the previous six-months average LIBOR-based SCL lending rates.