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2016 Forum Agenda

Conference and Workshop Program

2014 Sovereign Debt
Management Forum



Sovereign debt management in emerging markets: Is the party over?

Oct 19-20, 2016, Washington, DC

The 8th Sovereign Debt Management Forum will review recent trends and developments in sovereign debt management and provide debt managers, primarily from developing and emerging market countries, with the opportunity to share their experiences. The agenda will explore the challenges of the current environment and discuss possible responses from the debt management community. In addition, the Forum will bring into focus a range of technical issues associated with implementing sound practices in public debt management.


2016 Forum Presentations and Recordings

Plenary session 1: The world economy after the crisis: a new conundrum for debt managers



Plenary session 2: Are government securities still attractive and risk-free? An investor’s perspective?

Sovereign Ratings Matter
Global Outlook Active Global Fixed Income
Country Case of Netherlands
Governance and Financial Markets


Plenary session 3: Domestic markets as an answer to future challenges

Country Case of Morocco




Plenary session 4: A more holistic approach to public debt and risk management

Do We Need a New Conceptual Frameworks for Government Debt Management?
Country Case of Canada
Country Case of New Zealand
Country Case of Korea

Breakout session 1: Why liquidity matters? Primary and secondary market issues




Breakout session 2: The role of debt managers in managing fiscal risks

Fiscal Risk Analysis & Management


Breakout session 3: Debt management strategies for commodity exporters: what are the lessons of the past year?

Country Case of Azerbaijan
Country Case of Canada
Country Case of Nigeria





Breakout session 4: Choosing between USD or EUR-denominated debt in the international markets

Country Case of Peru
Country Case of Turkey
Country Case of Israel


Breakout session 5: Are retail debt programs still relevant today?

Country Case of Thailand
Country Case of Brazil



Breakout session 6: Debt management IT systems

Debt Management Information System



Breakout session 7: Innovative financial solutions for implementing debt and risk management strategies

Country Case of Uruguay
How Climate Change Can Impact Sovereign Ratings
Risk Management Discussion
Financial Solutions for Risk Management




Breakout session 8: Linkages between debt sustainability and debt management strategies

Multidimensional Nature of Public Debt Risks
Country Case of Serbia
Country Case of Armenia
Country Case of Ghana