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Case Studies: Financial Solutions in Practice


See how IBRD financial solutions help member countries address development challenges

A Cat Bond issued by the World Bank helps 16 Caribbean countries transfer natural disaster risk to the capital markets.  > more
A Serbian square at dusk

A Policy-Based Guarantee from IBRD helps Serbia access new financial markets and achieve better borrowing terms to support continued progress in structural reforms and improvements in its business environment.  > more

Electricity Lines Image A customized co-financing package which blends three sources of financing from IBRD, the Clean Technology Fund and the Global Environmental Facility provides a lower overall funding cost for Mexico's investment in residential energy efficiency programs.
> more
Guatemala Cat DDO Guatemala uses IBRD’s committed credit line for catastrophe risk, the Cat DDO, to finance part of the reconstruction and other expenses related to two major natural disasters in 2010. > more
Mexico Blending Financial Resources Blending of two sources of financing provides a very competitive funding cost for a project to overhaul Mexico’s urban transport system with a view to moving towards a lower carbon growth path. > more  [En Español]
Indonesia DDO IBRD’s contingent credit line, Development Policy Loan (DPL) with a Deferred Drawdown Option (DDO), helps Indonesia boost investor confidence and mobilize funding from the capital markets during the 2008-2009 global financial crisis. > more
Malawi Weather Derivative Malawi addresses drought risk and its impact on food security through index-based weather derivatives intermediated by IBRD. > more
MultiCat Program A multi-peril multi-region cat bond issued using the World Bank’s MultiCat Program has allowed Mexico to transfer a pool of disaster risk to the market and reduce potential pressure of disaster response on public budgets. > more
Costa Rica Cat DDO Cat DDO gives Costa Rica access to funds to provide assistance to people affected by the January 2009 earthquake without hampering the continuity of other development programs. > more
Brazil Customized Repayment IBRD loan’s customized repayment schedule reduces and stabilizes Brazilian state Rio Grande De Sul’s debt service payments. > more
Mexico Subnational Risk Management Mexico’s federal mortgage corporation, Sociedad Hipotecaria Federal (SHF), strengthens its balance sheet and achieves a more stable risk profile with IBRD financing and risk management tools. > more
Colombia ICETEX A customized loan from IBRD allows Colombia’s national student loan agency, ICETEX, to reduce low-income students’ annual financial burden and manage its cash flow and currency risks. > more
Uruguay Local Currency Financing Local currency financing from IBRD helps Uruguay manage its foreign currency exposure in the absence of a well-developed swap market. > more
Mexico Local Currency Financing Mexican sub-national governments secure low-cost local currency financing from IBRD, and eliminate currency risk for themselves, the domestic development bank, and the federal government. > more
China Blending Finanical Resources Blending resources from different lenders and donors allows China to on-lend to provinces at lower interest rates to expand the diagnosis and control of tuberculosis.
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Morocco Case

World Bank helps Morocco mitigate currency risk on liabilities owed to a third party. > more

IBRD helps mitigate the impact of drought on Uruguay’s energy production and fiscal balance by executing a weather and oil price insurance transaction. > more
Capital markets insurance transaction helps several Pacific Island countries pool their risks and manage exposure to natural disasters. > more