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IBRD Flexible Loan | Deferred Drawdown Option

IBRD General Conditions

IBRD Flexible Loan: Loan Choice Worksheet

Request Forms for the Deferred Drawdown Option:

Guidelines for the Conversion of IBRD Loan Terms**

**Note: The Guidelines for the Conversion of IBRD Loan Terms are in the process of being updated to reflect the change in fees per the Sep 30, 2016 announcement.

Conversion Request Forms:

IBRD Hedging Products

Guidelines for Using [IBRD] Hedging Products**

**Note: The IBRD Hedging Guidelines are being updated to reflect changes in options available to clients as a result of the floor of zero on the overall interest rate (LIBOR/EURIBOR + spread) of IBRD loans.

Hedging Request Forms:

IDA Credits

IDA General Conditions

IDA Scale Up Facility Credit Worksheet: English, Fran├žais