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Calculate Repayment Schedules


Announcement: The Principal Amortization Generator (PAG) is no longer available. This tool has been replaced with the Amortization Schedule Analyzer (ASA) available through Client Connection.



Calculate the repayment schedules of IBRD loans to meet specific project or portfolio needs. Determine if customized schedules fall within IBRD maturity limits (20 years average maturity and 35 years final maturity) using the Amortization Schedule Analyzer (ASA) available through Client Connection.

Client Connection is a web-based information service available to borrowers/recipients of funds from the World Bank and donors to trust funds managed by the World Bank. Client Connection allows these World Bank partners to access information related to loans, credits, grants, and trust funds through a secure, password-protected website.

Basic Instructions:

  1. Go to http://clientconnection.worldbank.org.
  2. Log in to your account.
  3. Click on the "Country Analytics" tab.
  4. Click on the "Amortization Schedule Analyzer (ASA)" tab and begin entering your information.
  5. Not registered? Go to http://clientconnection.worldbank.org, then click on "Request Registration Information" on the top, right-hand side of the screen or click on "Welcome to client Connection" for more information about the site.

Disclaimer: The Amortization Schedule Analyzer (ASA) is an analytical tool for informational purposes only provided to the World Bank's borrowers to simulate the principal amortization schedule and to calculate the weighted average maturity of a proposed loan. It does not constitute a recommendation of particular terms. Please note that the amortization schedule to be used for loan negotiations is the version produced by the World Bank Loan Department based on the Loan Choice Worksheet received from the borrower and the final amortization schedule applicable to a particular loan will be that provided in the signed Loan Agreement.