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Accessing International Capital Markets










Our market professionals have raised over $350 billion in more than
50 currencies.

The Capital Markets Advisory team manages the World Bank's bond financing program. The World Bank has built a reputation as an innovator in the markets that leads rather than follows market trends. Our deep industry knowledge, eye for strategic opportunities, professionalism and transparency have also benefited other issuers we work with to achieve the best value for their credit. For these reasons, our advice is particularly useful for clients in need of objective and reliable information from a highly experienced source.


Clients may engage us at any stage of the funding process, from the development of the overall market access strategy to the execution of individual transactions. For clients seeking funding or executing hedging strategies in international bond markets, we offer advice on:

  • Funding program strategy
  • Investor relations and rating agency relationships
  • Establishing and managing relationships with bankers
  • Setting up issuance platforms for frequent borrowings
  • Designing, selecting and executing transactions—ranging from global bonds to private placements
  • Evaluating and executing structured financing proposals and other uses of derivatives as part of a sovereign liability portfolio