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Capacity Building Services


Because each client is different, Treasury’s flexible training and outreach program is designed for customization.

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Understanding IBRD Loan Terms and Choices

Creating Opportunities with World Bank Guarantees

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Our goal is to ensure that clients are aware of the full range of IBRD financing and risk management options and are using them for maximum benefit. Dedicated teams of financial specialistsis are available to deliver training regionally for ministry officials and World Bank staff and can serve as technical experts at international conferences, seminars, and workshops.

Customized Client Engagements

IBRD financial products and services include technical expertise, combining direct financial services with capacity-building activities. Dedicated teams work directly with clients to structure custom financing and risk management packages that meet unique development, debt management and risk management objectives, while minimizing cost and risk. 

Overview Courses

This workshop also covers the basics of the IBRD Flexible Loan, loan pricing, and risk management and highlights the application of customized financial solutions in select countries. In these highly interactive sessions particpants work with real cases and exercises to reinforce new concepts. After taking this workshop, participants should have a general understanding of market-based pricing, be aware of the IBRD financial products menu and recent innovations, understand how financial products are used to create financial solutions, and know when to involve Treasury in the process.

Customized Financial Solutions Workshops

These workshops provide targeted, hands-on training on the implementation of IBRD financial products at the project or sovereign portfolio levels. By working through real cases participants explore the full range of options available to develop a customized the financial solution. After taking this workshop participants should be comfortable discussing financial products with counterparties, identifying opportunities for customization and knowing when to involve Treasury in the process. This workshop is designed for customization according to regional, country or sector needs. It is generally aimed at participants with basic knowledge of IBRD financial products and services.

For more information on how Treasury can partner with you to develop a tailored financial solution, please contact us FAB@worldbank.org.