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Frequently Asked Questions: Advisory Engagements


What is a typical public debt management advisory engagement?

Each public debt management advisory engagement is customized based on a country’s needs. Public debt management advisory services usually begin with a general needs assessment, and can lead to design and implementation of a reform plan; alternatively, some clients request advisory services in one specific area of public debt management. To learn more about public debt management, please click here.

What is a typical asset and liability management advisory engagement?

Asset and liability management advisory services, which tend to be targeted towards state-owned entities and public financial intermediaries, will typically require a needs assessment to better understand the nature of the risks to be managed, and can lead to capacity building services on execution of financial transactions designed to manage the risk. To learn more about asset and liability management, please cilck here.

What is a typical capital markets advisory engagement?

Capital markets advisory services target countries already issuing in the international capital markets or those planning to do so for the first time, that wish to strengthen technical capacity in this area. To learn more about capital markets, please click here.