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Frequently Asked Questions


Terms of the IBRD Flexible Loan (IFL)

What is the difference between the variable and fixed spreads for IBRD loans?
Can borrowers switch from the variable spread to the fixed spread or vice versa?

What is LIBOR?

What is the average repayment maturity?
Is it possible to change the loan's repayment schedule?
What happens in the case of late payment?

What are the terms and procedures for prepayment of loans?

What is the process for requesting interest rate and currency conversions or interest rate caps and collars?

Will the Deferred Drawdown Option loan proceeds always be available for drawdown when the borrower needs them?

What are the guidelines for an adequate disaster risk management program to be eligible for a Cat DDO?

Local Currency Financing

What currencies are available for IBRD loans?

How can borrowers access IBRD local currency financing?

Hedging Products

How can borrowers access IBRD Hedging Products?

What is the process for execution of stand-alone hedging products?

What is a Master Derivatives Agreement and when is it needed?

Legacy Financial Products

How can borrowers hedge their Variable Spread Loans (VSLs)?

General Questions

How can I get help with loan accounting issues such as billing, obligations, etc.?

Where can I get more information on IBRD’s Financial Products and Services?