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40 Years of World Bank Bonds in Japan

40 Years of World Bank Bonds in Japan


First World Bank Bond Issued in Japan

2011 marks the fortieth anniversary of the World Bank’s first bond issue in Japan. That issue, a JPY 11 billion bond launched in June 1971, represented an important step in the evolution of Japan’s relationship with the World Bank. Japan became a member of the World Bank in 1952, and throughout the 1950’s and 1960’s, as Japan rebuilt from the devastation of World War II, the World Bank provided more than US$850 million of loans to the country. In all, the World Bank made more than 30 loans to Japan during that time, funding important economic development projects throughout the country, including the construction of the first bullet train line.

The World Bank’s final loan to Japan was signed in 1966, and, by 1971, Japan completed the transition from being a borrower from the World Bank to being a source of fnce the World Bank’s inaugural bond issue in the country, Japan has devunding for the World Bank. Sieloped into one of the most important markets in the world for World Bank bonds. Over the last forty years, approximately US$150 billion of World Bank bonds have been sold to Japanese institutional and individual investors.

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