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World Bank Green Projects, Criteria and Project Cycle

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Green Project Examples from Around the World

World Bank green projects, like all World Bank projects, are designed to reduce poverty and improve local economies. But they specifically focus on tackling climate change issues that directly impact developing countries.

More Green Bond Projects

World Bank Green Bond Project Selection Criteria

Eligible projects are selected by World Bank environment specialists and meet specific criteria for low-carbon development.

Examples of eligible mitigation projects are:
  • Solar and wind installations;
  • Funding for new technologies that permit significant reductions in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions;
  • Greater efficiency in transportation, including fuel switching and mass transport;
  • Waste management (methane emissions) and construction of energy-efficient buildings;
  • Carbon reduction through reforestation and avoided deforestation.
Examples of eligible adaptation projects are:
  • Protection against flooding (including reforestation and watershed management);
  • Food security improvement and implementing stress-resilient agricultural systems (which slow down deforestation);
  • Sustainable forest management and avoided deforestation.

Understanding the World Bank Green Project Cycle

There are eight stages to the life of a project financed by the World Bank (IBRD) ... More


World Bank (IBRD) Green Bond Project Cycle