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World Bank (IBRD) Structured Notes

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Structured Notes

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Notes" Investor Brief

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Benefits to Investors

World Bank (IBRD) structured notes provide investors the chance to customize terms of their investments. More

Examples of Structured Issues

The various types of World Bank (IBRD) structured notes with specific terms may include... More

Typical Features of World Bank Structured Notes

Average summary and conditions for World Bank structured notes may include... More

Reverse Inquiry

To propose a new issue, contact us directly or contact an underwriter. Our decision to proceed with the transaction will be guided by... More

Liquidity Backstop

Dealers in all World Bank bonds – including structured notes – are required to provide secondary markets in the notes that they underwrite. The World Bank may, at its discretion, buy back all or a portion of certain debt issues from approved dealers at market prices, subject to asset-liability constraints.

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