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About World Bank Capital Markets

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The World Bank’s unique position in the capital markets is based on its flexible issuance strategy and diverse product mix, financial strength, and proven track record in innovation since its first issuance in 1947.

Issuance Strategy & Diversified Product Mix

The World Bank has continuously developed innovative products, opened up new markets for issuance, and built a broad investor base around the world. This track record, combined with the name recognition, has allowed...Read more

Financial Strength

Debt securities issued by the World Bank have been rated triple-A since 1959. Five key elements that contribute to its financial strength are...Read more

Track Record in Innovation

The World Bank has been the first to issue many innovative products in the capital markets over the past 60 years, proving its ability to diversify offerings while maintaining its strong credit.

40 Years of World Bank Bonds in Japan

2011 marks the fortieth anniversary of the World Bank’s first bond issue in Japan. That issue, a JPY 11 billion bond launched in June, 1971, represented an important step in the evolution of Japan’s relationship with the World Bank.