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FAQ (English)

Background on the World Bank´s Activities in the Financial Markets

  1. How much does the World Bank borrow in the capital markets every year?
  2. What does the World Bank do with the funds that it raises in the financial markets?

Characteristics of World Bank Debt Instruments

  1. Are World Bank debt instruments backed by the government?
  2. What is the quality of World Bank debt instruments?
  3. Why are World Bank bonds considered "ethical" or "socially responsible" investments (SRI)?

World Bank Debt Product Offerings

  1. What types of debt products does the World Bank offer?
  2. What are World Bank "discount notes"?
  3. What are "benchmark bonds" and "global bonds" issued by the World Bank?
  4. What are "structured notes" issued by the World Bank?
  5. Does the World Bank customize its debt products to the requirements of individual institutional investors?
  6. In which currencies does the World Bank offer debt instruments?
  7. What is the typical volume of any one World Bank debt issue?
  8. In which maturities are World Bank debt instruments offered?
  9. How does the return on World Bank debt instruments compare with other investments?

Buying and selling World Bank Debt Instruments

  1. Where and how are World Bank debt instruments bought and sold?
  2. How can I obtain up-to-date information about new World Bank debt issues?
  3. Does the World Bank buy back its own debt from approved dealers?

Listing, Clearing and Legal Aspects

  1. On which security exchanges are World Bank bonds listed?
  2. Which clearing and settlement systems does the World Bank use for its debt instruments?
  3. What is the legal documentation used for World Bank debt instruments?
  4. What is the tax status of World Bank debt instruments?

Sources for Further Information

  1. Whom can I contact for more information on World Bank debt instruments?
  2. Where can I obtain more information about the World Bank's overall mission, financial structure and lending activities?