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The World Bank Treasury manages the World Bank's finances to enable all operations and lending, acts as a trusted advisor to our member countries to support financial stability and resilience, and leads financial innovation to implement the Maximizing Finance for Development agenda. Treasury has three departments and one risk and controls team.



Asset Management & Advisory Department

The Asset Management & Advisory Department provides capacity-building services to public sector asset managers, including central banks, international financial institutions, public pension funds, and sovereign wealth funds, under the Reserve Advisory & Management Partnership (RAMP). The department is the liquidity and asset manager for RAMP clients, trust funds, and other external clients with over $70 billion AUM. It also supports over 30 technical workshops and thought leadership conferences each year, in addition to authoring original, leading publications on asset management.

Capital Markets & Investments Department

The Capital Markets & Investments Department is responsible for issuing World Bank bonds in the international capital markets to finance projects World Bank member countries. Treasury borrows over $60 billion annually and issued in over 70 currencies, and oversees asset and liability management for IBRD and IDA, with over $150 billion AUM. Treasury also works with clients on risk management transactions, and contributes to the World Bank development through innovative financing, risk management solutions, green bonds, and disaster risk management tools like catastrophe bonds.

Treasury Operations Department

The Treasury Operations Department acts as the bank for the World Bank Group by supporting business units with payments, receipts, foreign exchange and cash management needs. TRE is responsible for establishing and managing all bank account relationships, routing details and settlement instructions and is also responsible for the reconciliation, investigations and cash accounting for the World Bank’s cash flows—totaling over $7 trillion each year.

Treasury Risk, Compliance, and Controls Team

Treasury Risk, Compliance and Controls (TRERC) team's mission is to enable and improve operational effectiveness across all Treasury business lines. TRERC work program is focused on mitigating Operational Risk, ensuring a robust control framework for TRE processes as part of the Internal Controls over Financial Reporting (ICFR) Program and asset management activities for external clients under the Service Organization Controls (SOC 1) Reporting; managing Treasury Business Continuity Program and Access Control framework for Treasury IT applications; supporting Treasury IT Investment Program, as well as maintaining the inventory of Treasury business processes and promoting best practices in Data Governance.

Our Teams by Department

Asset Management & Advisory Department

  1. The team manages the investment products for external clients and trust funds within investment guidelines and overall compliance requirements. The team is responsible for achieving competitive returns for all mandates, with prudent management of associated risks. They also achieve competitive excess return over the investment benchmarks of the investment mandates through effective design of investment strategies across various asset classes.

Capital Markets & Investments Department

  1. The team is responsible for analytics, monitoring, and policy formulations for activities that impact IBRD and IDA’s balance sheets. The team formulates policies, guidelines, and processes that impact the financial risk and income of IBRD and IDA. The team also provides liquidity calculation and reporting and analysis for rating agencies.

Treasury Operations Department

  1. The team is responsible for supporting the funding, investment, and asset and liability management portfolios for World Bank Group entities. The team supports the investment portfolios for nearly 70 client entities in domestic and international markets. The team supports all trade execution and portfolio servicing activities, including trade review, settlement, documentation, cash management, corporate actions, asset servicing, options monitoring, debt service and collateral management across the full range of products including bonds, swaps, repos, deposits, and exchange-traded derivatives. The team also leads the implementation of new products, markets, and business-related technology solutions. 

Pension & Endowments Department

The Pension & Endowments Department (PEN) reports director to the Vice President & Treasurer, the Pension Finance Administrator. 

  1. The Pension and Endowments Department (PEN) is responsible for the financial management and administration of the World Bank Group's funded benefit plans (the ‘Plans’), including the retirement scheme - the Staff Retirement Plan, the retiree medical and life insurance programs - the Retired Staff Benefits Plan, and other ancillary benefits. Under the oversight of two governing bodies, the Pension Finance Committee (PFC) and the Pension Benefits Administration Committee (PBAC), PEN oversees investment management and benefits administration. The Plans funding comes from: contributions from staff, contributions from the WBG, and the assets and returns from the Plans portfolios. There are currently, more than 28,000 participants (17,000 active and 11,000 retirees) covered by the Plans. The financial management includes asset management responsibilities and actuarial support. PEN manages about $40 billion US dollars invested across a range of asset classes, from fixed income to public equities to private equity, real assets, credit strategies and absolute return strategies.