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Tailored Capacity Building and Know-How Transfer for Smaller Central Banks

Over 20 years experience in consulting and
capacity building


Over 60 years experience in asset management with
nearly US$150 billion
in assets under management

Smaller central banks face unique challenges and often have few resources.
However, like larger central banks, they are charged with the critical role of safeguarding reserves.

RAMP’s Core Technical Advisory (CTA) program provides a set of targeted services and responds to growing interest by central banks with reserves under US$1 billion in joining RAMP to build capacity.

The engagement is led by an experienced investment management professional with expertise in reserves management operations in central banks. These colleagues bring a solid understanding of issues related to central bank policy decisions, organizational structure and staffing to the project and play an advisory role to senior policy makers.

Creating a sound governance framework and providing basic tools for prudent stewardship and
value preservation
of reserves

The CTA program is targeted at improving the governance structure, supporting a sound strategic asset allocation and risk management framework, strengthening
internal controls and reporting functions, and passive management of a safe portfolio of public assets.

A strong systems platform is also essential for safeguarding reserves, but many small central banks rely on spreadsheets to manage data. This exposes the institution to considerable operational risk. The program therefore also includes the provision of a software tool designed by RAMP called the Portfolio Analytics Tool (PAT2) to support the management of reserves portfolios.