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Our Global Recruitment Campaign

The World Bank Treasury launched a global recruitment campaign to attract the best and brightest talent in the world. As positions are posted, we will share where to apply and why you should take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity to work with us.

Over 70 Years of Innovation in the Global Capital Markets

Capital markets are key to transforming society. Since its inaugural bond over 70 years ago, the World Bank has pioneered many ‘firsts’. Our goal is not only to raise funds at the most reasonable cost for our client countries, but also to develop innovative solutions for the world's most difficult development challenges. Our history shows that when used innovatively and effectively, capital markets are a powerful force for good. Treasury has been a large and significant player in the international financial markets for more than 70 years and has achieved a global reputation as a prudent and innovative borrower, investor and risk manager.

A Day in Treasury Series

With our 200-plus employees, the World Bank Treasury represents over 50 nationalities, and our leadership team hails from all regions of the world. We are proud to be an equal opportunity and an inclusive employer. We have a dedicated and committed workforce and do not discriminate based on gender, race, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity. 

Our Departments

Dive deeper into Treasury's mission, departments, teams and what we do.


Asset Management & Advisory

The Asset Management & Advisory Department provides capacity-building services to public sector asset managers, including central banks, international financial institutions, public pension funds, and sovereign wealth funds, under the Reserve Advisory & Management Partnership (RAMP). The department is the liquidity and asset manager for RAMP clients, trust funds, and other external clients with over $70 billion AUM. It also supports over 30 technical workshops and thought leadership conferences each year, in addition to authoring original, leading publications on asset management.


Capital Markets & Liquidity

The Capital Markets & Investments Department is responsible for issuing World Bank bonds in the international capital markets to finance projects World Bank member countries. Treasury borrows over $60 billion annually and issued in over 70 currencies, and oversees asset and liability management for IBRD and IDA, with over $150 billion AUM. Treasury also works with clients on risk management transactions, and contributes to the World Bank development through innovative financing, risk management solutions, green bonds, and disaster risk management tools like catastrophe bonds.


Treasury Operations

The Treasury Operations Department acts as the bank for the World Bank Group by supporting business units with payments, receipts, foreign exchange and cash management needs. TRE is responsible for establishing and managing all bank account relationships, routing details and settlement instructions and is also responsible for the reconciliation, investigations and cash accounting for the World Bank’s cash flows—totaling over $7 trillion each year.

Available Positions

  • You can learn more about our organization and read a description for each department and team. Please continue to check the World Bank Careers portal for any further postings. 

    Available Positions

    Chennai, India

    Paris, France

    • Senior Financial Officer (req#18010) in TREAP, closes on 7/9/2022
    • Portfolio Manager (req#17205) in CMIIL, closed on 5/17/2022
    • Senior Financial Officer (req# 17121) in CMIDO, closed on 5/20/2022
    • Financial Officer (req# 17018) in TREPK, closed on 4/29/2022
    • Financial Officer (req# 17207) in TREAP, closed on 5/13/2022
    • Financial Analyst (req# 17208) in TREAP, closed on 5/13/2022
    • Financial Analyst (req# 17019) in TREPK, closed on 4/29/2022
    • Investment Analyst (req# 16880) in TREAM, closed on 4/22/2022    


    • Senior Financial Assistant (req#17332) in CMI, closed on 5/27/2022 (Local hire only)
    Washington, DC
    • Senior Financial Officer (req#17978) in TREAP, closes on 7/9/2022
    • Senior Investment Officer (req# 17040) in TREQA, closed on 5/2/2022
    • Senior Investment Officer (req# 17206) in TREPK, closed on 5/13/2022
    • Senior Financial Assistant (req#17495) in PEN, closed on 5/27/2022
    • Financial Assistant (req# 17120) in CMIAP & CMIIL, closed on 5/12/2022
    • ET Consultant (req# 17077) in CMIDO, closed on 5/11/2022