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RAMP primarily serves central banks, international financial institutions, public pension funds and sovereign wealth funds. With nearly 80 members, RAMP continues to serve institutions around the world.

  • Serving Public Asset Managers Globally for Two Decades: The Reserve Advisory & Management Partnership (RAMP) (2021) World Bank Voices Blog by MDCFO Anshula Kant, Vice President & Treasurer Jingdong Hua, Asset Management & Advisory Department Director Thérèse Couture. 

    Strengthening Central Bank Reserve Management During a Global Crisis (2020) World Bank Voices Blog by MDCFO Anshula Kant, Vice President & Treasurer Jingdong Hua, Asset Management & Advisory Department Director Thérèse Couture, and RAMP Manager Dr. Daniela Klingebiel

  • Recognizing the importance of central bank reserves, the World Bank Treasury’s Reserve Advisory and Management Partnership (RAMP), a team dedicated to developing asset management capacity across public sector institutions, published its First RAMP Survey on central banks’ reserve management practices in 2018. The Second RAMP Survey, now published, expands upon previous findings with a focus on central bank governance, current strategic and tactical asset allocation, risk management, and accounting frameworks.

  • RAMP’s primary objective is to help member institutions build and strengthen their human capital to manage their financial assets effectively and in line with sound industry practices. Learn more about how RAMP works in the RAMP Brochure.

  • Treasury Client Center (eTCC)

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    RAMP gives clients a customizable, convenient and powerful way to manage and access information related to their engagement using the Treasury Client Center (TCC). This secure online client portal delivers RAMP members a range of functionality, including the ability to register for Treasury workshops, view event participation history, access investment reports, and analyze performance, while also protecting their confidential information. 

    With TCC, users can create personal profiles to customize report views, favorite reports for quick access, subscribe to reports and receive them as email attachments, perform smart searches, and manage event participation efficiently. The platform also improves access to information through tablet-enabled design, which facilitates easy finger navigation on touch screen devices, along with an enhanced self-service mechanism, which streamlines and significantly improves the efficiency of the access provisioning process. With the integration of billing into the TCC, clients can also directly download invoices from the system, further reducing the paper-based transmissions.

    The TCC manages risk by preventing loss or unauthorized access to information through enhanced and robust cyber security. The newly-introduced authentication, the industry-standard One Time Password, ensures users’ secured access to their information. The portable accessibility enables users to access the TCC anytime from anywhere in the world. The self-registration and management process steps up users’ role-based access to the customized interface.