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Executive Training

Institutions can expand their training budget through fully sponsored and hosted workshops, webinars, trainings, and certificate programs. Every year, RAMP hosts about 30 week-long technical workshops for public asset managers, leveraging Treasury’s 75 years of experience and the collective knowledge of 100-plus staff and other business partners within the World Bank. The Partnership also sponsors member staff for internationally recognized professional financial certifications.

RAMP delivers a robust offering of training resources to its members, including:

  • 30-plus week-long technical workshops
  • Advanced custom workshops
  • Webinars including distinguished speakers, prominent scholars, and global market updates
  • Fully supported professional licenses and certifications (e.g., CFA, FRM)
  • Third-party finance training program (e.g., NY Institute of Finance, ARPM)
  • Digital comprehensive financial learning via Intuition
  • Public Financial Asset Management (PFAM) postgraduate program at Bayes Business School in London, jointly managed with the Milken Institute.

Robust Annual Training Program

  • RAMP hosts over 30 week-long technical workshops for RAMP member institution staff every year. In addition, the Partnership develops custom workshops for an institution(s) with a defined need. While many workshops are hosted at World Bank headquarters in Washington, DC, some workshops are hosted onsite at the member institution or regionally for a group of institutions.

    Below are the workshops typically offered every calendar year. RAMP strives to include new workshops to meet the evolving nature of the financial markets and the risks faced by its members. 

    Portfolio Management

    • Fundamentals of Active Management; Managing an External Asset Manager Program; Workshop on Investing in Fixed Income Futures with the Chicago Mercantile Exchange; Investing in China's Financial Markets; Advanced Analysis of Mortgage-Backed Securities; Advanced Techniques in Portfolio Management

    Asset Allocation

    • Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA - I): Governance and Fundamentals; Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA - II): Fixed Income Portfolios; Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA - III): Multi-Asset Portfolio

    Risk Management

    • Indexation of Treasuries and Performance Measurement; Financial Modeling in Python; Market Risk Fundamentals; Utilizing Excel in Investment Management; Performance Measurement, Attribution and Reporting; Risk Budgeting and Active Portfolio Management; Credit Risk

    Operations & IT

    • Joint Internal Auditing Standards Forum with the IMF and IIA; Operational Risk Management; Liquidity Management and Payment Operations co-hosted by the FRBNY; Settlements and Custodian Relations; Applying IFRS to Investment Portfolios


  • RAMP hosts several webinar series deliver timely content to RAMP memembers on broad range of issues affecting public asset managers. In addition, the RAMP portfolio managers present a monthly market update to RAMP members on major macroeconomic and financial news.

    Webinar Series

    • Distinguished speakers and prominent scholars
    • Subject matter experts and technical specialists
    • Global market updates
  • Below is a select list of third-party training opportunities in support of investment management operations. It indicates the type of training that RAMP can offer under its capacity-building program. The list summarizes previously sponsored programs selected by RAMP members based on their individual interests and learning demands.

    Other third-party learning opportunities may also be eligible for sponsorship under the RAMP program upon consultation. Should your institution require a targeted training to address a specific skills gap that is not listed herein, please contact your Engagement Manager for a dialogue on how RAMP can facilitate the bridging of this knowledge gap.

    Each program has specific registration instructions and sponsorship terms (including tuition cost, program fees, study materials, supplemental study solution, travel/hotel support in absence of local test center, retake and deferral policies).

    Third-Party Training Providers

    • Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS)
    • Advanced Risk and Portfolio Management (ARPM)
    • Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)
    • Institute of Internal Auditors 
    • ACI Financial Markets Association
    • Association of Corporate Treasurers (ACT)
    • CFA Institute
    • Chartered Market Technician Association (CMT)
    • Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst Association (CAIA)
    • Chartered Institute of Public Finance & Accountancy (CIPFA)
    • FitchLearning
    • Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP)
    • Investment Training & Consulting Institute (ITCI)
    • New York Institute of Finance
    • MathWorks
    • Moody's Analytics
    • Professional Risk Managers' International Association (PRMIA)

    RAMP does not endorse, recommend, or approve any learning product or service that the listed vendors represent. RAMP also does not verify, or exert any content or quality control over the educational services provided by these third-party companies.

  • Access to a comprehensive and high-quality catalogue with modules applicable for professionals in the financial industry that are developed by a blend of practitioners and academics.

    The premier digital learning solution offers an interactive and adaptive platform, as well as library of tutorials on exhaustive financial content coupled with learning analytics, adaptive testing, reporting and CPE accreditation. The platform allows to create skills pathways, curate content and develop role-based learning maps.

    The digital solution offers e-learning across a multitude of areas, including:

    • Banking & Finance

    • Corporate Banking

    • Private Wealth Management

    • Fintech

    • Capital Markets

    • Banking Risk Management

    • Consumar Banking and Payments

    • Rgulation and Compliance

    • Investment Banking

    • Investment Management

    • Securities Services

Build Capacity through Workshops & Events 

Learn through World Bank Internships

RAMP members can develop their institutional capacity in public asset management through hands-on practical experiences at the World Bank headquarters. RAMP member institution staff join Treasury specialists for in-office internships on pre-determined subjects. Below are several examples of recent internships with members. 

man in workshop watching presenter
Portfolio Management

Enhanced Indexation

man smiling at woman at desk in workshop
Settlement and Operations

Fed or Global Custodian

In their Words

RAMP member institution staff explain how the RAMP membership and network supported their career and institution's public asset management objectives. 

Central Bank

Wendy D’Arbasie, Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago

Wendy D’Arbasie is Manager of the Reserves and Domestic Market Management at the Central Bank of Trinidad & Tobago, where she is responsible for managing foreign currency reserves.

Central Bank

Víctor Vásquez, Bank of Guatemala

Víctor Vásquez is Director of the International Department at the Bank of Guatemala, where he is responsible for the management of foreign exchange reserves.

Pension Fund

Sohyoung Park, Korea National Pension Service

Ms. Sohyoung Park is the Portfolio Manager of the Investment Strategy Division at the Korea National Pension Service (NPS), where she is responsible for managing the investment portfolio analyses and strategic asset allocation.

Sovereign Wealth Fund

Abdiel A. Santiago, Panama Savings Fund

Mr. Abdiel Santiago is the Secretariat of the Panama Savings Fund, where his role includes the responsibilities of both a chief executive officer and chief investment officer.

Central Bank

Ly Sideth, National Bank of Cambodia

Ly is the Director of Exchange Management Department at the National Bank of Cambodia (NBC), where he is responsible for managing foreign reserves of NBC and implementing domestic exchange rate policy.

International Financial Institution

Simona Colaiacomo, FAO of the United Nations

Simona Colaiacomo is Head of Treasury and Senior Financial Officer at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, where she is responsible for the Organization’s cash and liquidity management, foreign exchange operations, and investment management activities.

Central Bank

Ilia Galabov, Bulgarian National Bank

Mr. Ilia Galabov is the Director of Risk Analysis and Control Directorate at the Bulgarian National Bank (BNB), where he is responsible for risk management.

Public Financial Asset Management Program (PFAM)

The World Bank – Milken Institute Public Financial Asset Management Program (PFAM) at Bayes Business School (formerly Cass) in London aims to develop the expertise in public financial asset management to the highest level. PFAM aims to equip participants with the governance framework and strategic investment tools needed to effectively manage sovereign financial wealth to achieve economic stability, expand their asset eligibility prudently, and support long-term prosperity for future generations. The program has two parts: four months of coursework followed by four months of a practical hands-on internship at a participating firm. Participants who successfully complete the program are awarded a Postgraduate Diploma in Public Financial Asset Management and receive 120 credits at HE level 7. Academic credits received can be used toward a Master of Science in Finance by completing a dissertation or work-based project.