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Cash Flow Forecasting & Cash Management | Jun 2017 (TBC)



GDRM Day: Stocktaking Seminar for Participating Countries
Oct 18, 2016

Is the Game Over for Retail Debt Programs or Restarting with Mobile Technology?
Apr 21, 2016






Conferences & Seminars

Sovereign Debt Management Forum

This forum builds on the considerable developments that took place in public debt management in developing and emerging market countries in recent years, as well as improved access to markets. More...

2016 Forum: Sovereign debt management in emerging markets: Is the party over?
October 19-20, 2016, Washington, DC. Agenda. Contact us.

Past Forums: 2010, 2012, 2014

Next Forum: October 2018, Washington, DC.

International Retail Debt Management Symposium

The International Retail Debt Management Symposium brings together countries with seasoned retail programs and those looking to establish or review existing programs. The Symposium provides a forum for debt managers to discuss current issues and trends such as product development, distribution channels, market research, and use of new technology. More...

Next symposium: April 2018, Washington, DC. Past agenda. Contact us.


Designing Government Debt Management Strategies

This five-day workshop guides participants through the processes of developing a public debt management strategy based on an analysis of financial cost and risk tradeoffs. More...

Next workshop: July 17-21, 2017, Vienna, Austria. Past agenda. Contact us.

Implementing Government Debt Management Strategies

This five-day workshop aims to build capacity in various aspects of implementing a debt management strategy, including designing a cost-effective funding program, in ways that contribute to developing the domestic debt market. More...

Next workshop: July 24-28, 2017, Vienna, Austria. Past agenda. Contact us.

Webinar Series

Treasury’s webinar series provides the opportunity for continuous learning on issues and opportunities centered on debt management practices. Bringing together practitioners and experts, the series provides a strategic combination of technical discussions, case study exploration and expert assessments that support sound practices in public debt management.

Past topics have included: Transparency and Communication in Public Debt Management | Contingent Liability Risk Management | Using Cross Currency Swaps | Issuing Sovereign Debt in International Capital Markets