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Strengthening Central Bank Reserve Management during a Global Crisis

The global challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic make the role of central banks crucial to maintaining economic and financial stability.


World Bank Launches Inaugural Sustainable Development Bond Impact Report

This World Bank Sustainable Development Bond Impact Report 2019 is the first impact report covering all World Bank bond issuance and the entire portfolio of the World Bank (International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, IBRD)’s development activities.


Student & Graduate Careers at Treasury

Why be a part of a market when you can help create a new one? Learn how students and graduates are part of the future of the World Bank Treasury.


How to Develop a National Green Taxonomy for Emerging Markets - A New World Bank Guide

The World Bank published a guide outlining the processes that financial regulators can use to develop a green taxonomy. The publication, "Developing a National Green Taxonomy: A World Bank Guide", will help regulators in emerging economies who seek to “green” their countries’ financial systems.

Capital Markets

Green Bonds

Green bonds offer investors the opportunity to do well and to do good at the same time. The World Bank Green Bond raises funds from fixed income investors to support World Bank lending for eligible projects that seek to ...

Advisory Services

Reserve Advisory & Management Partnership (RAMP)

RAMP aims to strengthen the investment management capacities of public sector institutions so they may efficiently manage public assets, and aims to deliver high-quality asset management services efficiently on a cost-...

Development Finance

IDA in the Capital Markets

To expand the scale of financing to its clients to help them to achieve Sustainable Development Goals, the International Development Association (IDA) intends to start leveraging its exceptional capital base through ...