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Our team of public debt management professionals
co-authored the IMF-World Bank Guidelines for Public Debt Management.



Our market experts execute more than $20 billion in derivatives transactions annually to manage risks on IBRD's balance sheet and on behalf of clients.



In addition to the skills of the core team, we draw on the expertise of colleagues across the World Bank Treasury to deliver tailored capacity buidling services.


M. Coskun Cangoz as the Head of Debt and Risk Management at the World Bank Treasury, has overall responsibility for debt management advisory activities, which include country assignments, training courses, and publications. He has around 25 years of hands-on experience in different areas of debt management, including the development of bond markets, risk management, internal operations and cash management.Before joining the Bank, Mr. Cangoz was a civilservant in Turkey and served in different capacities including the Director General for Public Finance at the Undersecretariat of Treasury. He led the public debt management reform in Turkey, established the Risk Management Department and modernized the cash management. He published several papers and books in the field of public finance and heis the co-editor of the book 'Treasury Operations in Turkey and Contemporary Sovereign Treasury Management'. He holds Ph.D. in Sociology from Middle EastTechnical University, MBA from the University of Exeter, MA in Economics and BA in Public Finance from Ankara University.

Cigdem Aslan joined the World Bank in 2010 with more than 15 years of experience in sovereign debt management. She was part of the initial team that designed and implemented debt management strategies at the Turkish Treasury. Prior to her move, she led the Credit Risk Management department where she was responsible for a range of policy issues and risk management activities mainly associated with the government's contingent liabilities, sub-nationals, and public-private partnerships. In her current position, Ms. Aslan contributes to World Bank capacity building activities and advisory services on public debt management reform programs. She also works on research activities related to government debt management strategy, risk management, governance, and debt market development.

Cigdem Aslan
Fritz Florian Bachmair joined the World Bank in 2013. He advises governments on developing debt management strategies and managing risks from contingent liabilities. His focus is on helping clients develop systems to assess fiscal risks arising from guarantees and on-lending. Client governments with which Mr. Bachmair has worked include Colombia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Paraguay, South Africa, St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Turkey. Before joining the World Bank, he worked at McKinsey & Company where he advised multinational insurance corporations, media conglomerates, federal ministries and central banks.

Sébastien Boitreaud has over 12 years of experience in public debt management and financial sector regulation and development, gained at French Treasury where he was Deputy Head of the Debt Management Office. A former Alternate Executive Director for France at the IMF, he joined the World Bank in 2012 as an advisor to the Vice President & Treasurer before moving to the Government Debt and Risk Management team in 2014. As Lead Financial Officer at the World Bank Treasury, Mr. Boitreaud works on the assessment and reform of public debt management in Morocco, Cameroon and other countries.


Rodrigo Cabral, Senior Financial Officer, World Bank Treasury
Rodrigo Cabral has over 15 years of experience in sovereign debt management, having worked with more than 30 developing countries across different regions of the world. Before joining the World Bank, he worked at the Brazilian National Treasury where he was Deputy Head of the Public Debt Strategic Planning Department (middle-office). He was also part of the team that set up the Brazilian middle-office and developed its risk management framework. His areas of expertise include risk management, strategy development, investor relations, international market access, and market development. Mr. Cabral has published several papers in the field of public debt management, co-authored the book “Public Debt: the Brazilian experience” and contributed to publications on sound practices.
Antonio Velandia-Rubiano has over 17 years of experience in the public debt management sector, gained at the Central Bank of Colombia, where he was Vice-President for International and Monetary Affairs, and as Lead Financial Officer at the World Bank Treasury. Mr. Velandia-Rubiano joined the World Bank in 1999 and has participated in the assessment and development of reform plans for public debt management in Armenia, Belarus, Brazil, Panama, Romania, Ukraine, Tunisia, and others. He has also co-authored various publications on government debt risk measurement and management. Antonio Velandia