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Green Projects from Around the World

World Bank Green Bonds support projects selected by World Bank environment and other sector specialists that meet specific criteria for development activities that help lower global carbon emissions. World Bank green projects, like all World Bank projects, are designed to reduce poverty and improve local economies. But they specifically focus on tackling climate change issues that directly impact developing countries.

Eligible Projects may include projects that target (a) mitigation of climate change including investments in low-carbon and clean technology programs, such as energy efficiency and renewable energy programs and projects ("Mitigation Projects"), or (b) adaptation to climate change, including investments in climate-resilient growth "Adaptation Projects").

The following list are “green” projects which are funded in whole or in part, by World Bank Green Bonds. These projects promote the transition to low-carbon and climate resilient growth in the recipient country, as determined by IBRD.

Armenia - Second Community Agriculture Resource Management: The project helps targeted communities improve the productivity and sustainability of their pasture and livestock system thus improving food security and incomes. > more
Belarus - Biomass District Heating: The project aims to replace the use of natural gas with a local renewable fuel source (wood biomass: wood chips and wood wastes) supplied by certified forestry companies in 13 district heating systems. > more
Belize - Climate Resilient Infrastructure: The project supports rehabilitation and reconstruction of the country's road infrastructure to address increased flood risk. >more
Brazil - Espirito Santo Integrated Sustainable Water Management Project: The Project will support improved drinking and coastal water quality in the State’s capital and the river basins of the broader metropolitan area. > more
Brazil - Federal Integrated Water Sector: The project follows a long engagement in support of Brazil’s federal programs for water resources management. > more
Brazil - Greening Rio de Janerio Urban Rail Transit: The system is expected to especially serve the poor populations who rely on public transportation by reducing travel time, in particular when switching from inefficient bus services. > more
Brazil - Integrated Solid Waste and Carbon Finance: The project supports the closing of open dumps, along with the construction and operation of environmentally safe landfills to reduce emissions. > more
Brazil - Sao Paolo State Sustainable Transport: The project improves transport and logistics, efficiency and safety by rehabilitating networks, and increasing the share of waterway transport. > more
China - Beijing Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic Scale-Up: The “Sunshine Schools” Project will increase the share of clean energy in electricity consumption and demonstrate the viability of the renewable energy service company model. > more
China - Bengbu Integrated Environment Improvement: The project finances storm drainage networks and pumping stations, flood prediction and control systems, wastewater treatment facilities, and improved water supply systems. > more 
China - Changzhi Sustainable Urban Transport: The project supports investments in bus priority lanes, accessibility facilities for bicycles and pedestrians, and improvements in traffic management. > more
China - Eco-Farming Project: This project supports cleaner, healthier farmyard environments, along with the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through methane capture and combustion to generate energy. > more
China - Energy Efficiency Financing and Additional Financing: The project promotes financing through the Export-Import Bank of China and Hua Xia Bank for projects in medium and large-sized manufacturing companies. > more
China - Energy Efficiency Financing II: The project builds on the first Energy Efficiency Project with a US$100 million loan that will be provided to Minsheng Bank which, in turn, will on-lend to industrial enterprises. > more
China - Fujian Fishing Ports: The project supports construction and upgrading of fishing port facilities in six locations to provide shelters to protect fishing vessels from being lost or damaged during typhoons and seasonal storms. > more
China - Green Energy Schemes for Low-Carbon City in Shanghai: The project supports energy efficiency improvements such as lighting HVAC systems and insulation in commercial and government buildings. > more
China - Guangdong Agricultural Pollution Control: The project supports construction of about 50 livestock waste management facilities to collect and treat pig and other livestock manure. > more
China - HaJia Railway: The project includes construction of a 343 km-long, electrified, mixed-use (passengers and freight) railway line between Harbin and Jaimusi. > more
China - Hebei Rural Renewable Energy Development: The project supports the strengthening of China’s biogas program by building six state-of-the-art biogas facilities to serve as demonstration for efficiently convert agricultural waste (manure and crop residues) into biogas. > more
China - Heilongjiang Cold Weather Smart Public Transport: The project aims to improve service along targeted corridors to provide a more efficient, reliable, and comfortable bus service, particularly during extremely cold situations. > more
China - Huai River Basin Flood Management and Drainage Improvement: The project supports improved flooding and drainage infrastructure (e.g., better dikes, drainage channels, maintenance). > more
China - Hubei Xiangyang Urban Transport: The project supports improvements in mobility and accessibility within and to the Xiangcheng District of Xiangyang in an integrated, efficient and safe manner. > more
China - Hunan Forest Restoration and Development: This project promotes the reforestation and rehabilitation of ice storm-damaged ecological forest plantation areas with diversified local adapted species and long-term forest management. > more
China - Integrated Modern Agriculture Development: The project supports food security by promoting sustainable and climate resilient agriculture in 33 counties/districts. > more
China - Integrated Forestry Development: The project supports the development of additional forest cover and shelter belts in areas prone to wind and/or water erosion and in diversifying species and resilience in existing forest plantations. > more
China - Jiangxi Shihutang Navigation and Hydropower Complex Project: The Project supports improvements to the inland waterway channels and services for industrial shipping along the Gan River, while also reducing flooding. > more
China - Jiaozuo Green Transport and Safety Improvement: To address these challenges, the project supports improvements in selected corridors to increase the quality of the public bus service, better regulate traffic. > more
China - Liaoning Third Medium Cities Infrastructure: The project supports rehabilitation and construction of centralized heating systems (replacing inefficient and highly polluting boilers with more effective emissions control systems). > more
China - Nanchang Urban Rail: The project finances construction and equipment for urban rail Line 2 (24 km and 21 stations), as well as technical assistance to improve ridership levels, increase land value around stations. > more

China - Ningxia Desertification Control and Ecological Protection: The project supports the Ningxia Hui autonomous region, located in the lower reaches of the Yellow River, with investments to stabilize moving sands. > more

China - Qinghai Xining Urban Transport: The project aims to avoid this outcome by developing a model corridor along the Wusixiroad linking the city center to the western part of the city (XichuanNew Area). > more
China - Shandong Energy Efficiency: The project supports energy efficiency programs focusing on leasing and performance contracting in industries, such as paper, cement, motor manufacturing, and financing for a biomass. > more
China - Tianjin Urban Transport Improvement Project: A number of transformational ideas will be pursued under the project. Those include using a cost-efficient mass transit system like a BRT in Tianjin. > more
China - Urumqi District Heating Project: The project supports construction of basic infrastructure to connect residents to district heating services with improved energy efficiency and environmental performance mainly in two districts. > more
China - Urumqi Urban Transport Project II: This project will support the construction of three new BRT lines, development of the Urumqi Comprehensive Transport Information Management System. > more
China - Water Conservation II: The project supports objectives that increase water productivity and farmers’ agricultural production income, and improve sustainable agricultural water management in the Northern provinces. > more
China - Wuhan Second Urban Transport: The project supports improvements to the management of the public transport system. > more
China - Xi'an Sustainable Urban Transport: The project supports various greenhouse gas mitigation strategies associated with the transportation sector including helping to control vehicle emissions, reduce traffic congestion in core areas. > more
China - Xining Flood and Watershed Management: The project supports both structural and non-structural activities such as dikes, access roads, cross dike structures, water level control, an integrated flood warning system. > more
China - Xinjiang Yining Urban Transport Improvement: The project improves the transport mobility in the central area of Yining City and provides transport accessibility in the selected new areas of the city, all in a safe, clean and efficient manner. > more
China - Yunnan Honghe Prefecture Diannan Center Urban Transport: The project supports improvements in the major transport corridors, including new infrastructure. > more
Colombia - National Urban Transit Program: The Colombian government and the World Bank are continuing to work together through the support to the National Urban Transit Program (NUTP). > more
Dominican Republic - Emergency Recovery & Disaster Management: The project is rebuilding the country’s national electricity, irrigation and water supply sectors. > more
Ecuador - Quito Metro Line One: This project will enable the construction of the Quito Metro Line One which will be one of the largest urban transport works in Latin America. > more
Ecuador - Manta Public Services Improvement Project: The project improves transport efficiency through road rehabilitation and improves sidewalks, bus stops, and builds bicycle paths. > more
India - Andhra Pradesh Water Sector Improvement: The project supports improvements in the irrigation service delivery on a sustainable basis to increase productivity of irrigated agriculture in the Nagarjuna Sagar Scheme (NSS). > more
India - Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor: The project finances construction of a section of the Eastern Corridor with a double track electrified railway designed for freight only trains. > more
India - Power System Development Project IV: The project supports India's clean energy initiative by strengthening India’s ability to transfer surplus hydro energy to power deficit regions in India, increase transmission efficiency. > more
India - Rampur Hydropower Project: The project aims to add renewable, low-carbon hydroelectric power to India’s northern electricity grid, and improve the effectiveness and environmental and social sustainability of hydropower. > more
India - Sustainable Urban Transport: The project strengthens India’s national and local government capacity to manage climate friendly and sustainable urban transport focusing on public and non-motorized transport. > more
Indonesia - Coral Reef Rehabilitation and Management: The project supports Conservation Areas where fishing will be restricted while providing communities rights to other areas for sustainable fishing and helps them develop income generating activities that are compatible with healthy marine ecosystems. > more
Indonesia - Geothermal Clean Energy Investment: The project helps finance the confirmation of geothermal resources and construction of a steam field system and 2 powers plants with a total capacity of 150 MW. > more
Indonesia - Water Resources & Irrigation Management Program 2: This project focuses on developing capacity and infrastructure to improve river basin and irrigation management in selected areas of the country. > more
Jamaica - Energy Security and Efficiency Enhancement: The project supports investment promotion measures (e.g., studies, regulations) for greater participation of renewable energy and gas-based generation in Jamaica's energy mix. > more
Macedonia & Serbia - South East Europe and Caucasus Catastrophe Risk Insurance Facility: To help increase access of homeowners, farmers, the enterprise sector, and government agencies to financial protection from losses caused by climate change and geological hazards. > more
Mexico - Climate Change Development Policy Loan: This policy loan supported government efforts as described in its 2007 National Climate Change Strategy. > more
Mexico - Efficient Lighting and Appliances: The project financed the Programa Luz Sustentable and the appliance exchange program which supported free exchange of efficient light bulbs and a loan/subsidy program for efficient appliances. > more
Mexico - Forests and Climate Change: The project supports the improvement of Mexico's incentive programs for community forestry and forest-based environmental services. > more
Mexico - Integrated Energy Services: The project supports use of renewable energy, mainly photovoltaic (solar) systems and some wind generators together with the regulatory and technical support needed to develop a sustainable market. > more
Mexico - Modernization of the National Meteorological Service for Improved Climate Adaptation: The project supports improvements to the government’s observational infrastructure, data management and processing, and climate modeling and forecasting tools. > more
Mexico - Sustainable Rural Development Project: This project supports environmentally-friendly technologies with a focus on energy efficiency, renewable energy, waste management, and biomass-to-energy conversion. > more
Mexico - Urban Transport Transformation Program: The project aims to help transform urban transportation efficiency in Mexican cities and reduce its transport-related carbon footprint. > more
Moldova - District Heating Efficiency Improvement: The project supports the restructuring of heating services into a new financially sound company, financing improvements in the heat distribution network to reduce losses and improve service quality. > more
Montenegro - Energy Efficiency: This project would finance about 27-29 energy efficiency subprojects in hospitals and health care centers throughout the country, and at the Clinic Center Montenegro in Podgorica. > more
Morocco - Clean and Efficient Energy Project: The project supports Morocco’s first mid-size, grid-connected decentralized solar photovoltaic plants. > more
Morocco - Large Scale Irrigation Modernization: To promote a more sustainable irrigation model, the government of Morocco has developed a national plan to help optimize water use and increase productivity in irrigated agriculture. > more
Morocco - Ouarzazate Concentrated Solar Power: This first project finances a solar plant using concentrated solar power technology that is part of Morocco's renewable energy scale-up initiative. > more
Morocco - Solid Waste Development Policy Loan: The project supports regulatory and institutional reforms to improve the operational, financial, environmental, and social sustainability of solid waste programs. > more
Peru - National Agricultural Innovation Program: The project supports the strengthening of the national agriculture innovation program to invigorate adaptive research, extension projects, seed improvements, and skills development, among other measures. > more
Peru - Second Rural Electrification: The project supports the provision of electricity services to rural areas by extension of conventional electricity grid and by financing solar photovoltaic systems for remote or dispersed populations. > more
Philippines - Cebu Rapid Bus Transit (BRT): The project supports bus rapid transit (BRT) infrastructure, corridor traffic management systems, and road intersection upgrades across Cebu City. > more
Philippines - Rural Development: The project supports rural infrastructure (farm-to-market roads, bridges, potable water systems, fish landings, storage facilities) and enterprise development investments. > more
Russian Federation - Hydrometeorological Services Modernization: The project aims to enhance the national capacity to deliver reliable and timely weather, hydrological and climate information. > more
Russian Federation - Forest Fire Response: This project seeks to improve forest fire prevention and management, and enhance sustainable forest management, and governance capacity. > more
Timor-Leste - Road Climate Resilience Project: Building on a previous project targeting emergency repairs along key sections of the road, the project now covers the entire corridor. > more
Tunisia - Energy Efficiency: The project aims to scale up industrial energy efficiency and cogeneration investments by providing financing through two banks. > more
Tunisia - Fourth Northwest Mountainous and Forested Areas Development: The project is designed to improve the socio-economic conditions of rural populations in the Northwest region through access to potable water. > more
Tunisia - Second Water Sector Investment: The project promotes more efficient use of irrigation water and drinking water supply and increased capacity to plan for current and future water management challenges, including climate change. > more
Turkey - Private Sector Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency: The project finances renewable resources, such as small hydroelectric installations, and geothermal for heating and cooling purposes, and energy efficiency investments. > more
Turkey - Renewable Energy Integration: The project develops the transmission infrastructure (substations, grid-interfacing equipment, a submarine power cable across the Bosphorus and Dardanelles straits, etc.). > more
Turkey - Small & Medium Enterprises Energy Efficiency: The project aims to improve the efficiency of energy use in small and medium enterprises (SME), by scaling-up three commercial banks’ lending for energy efficiency investments. > more
Ukraine - District Heating Energy Efficiency: Working with 10 DH companies, the project rehabilitates, upgrades, and or replaces boiler houses, insulates piping, and introduces building level meters, among other energy efficiency investments. > more
Ukraine - Energy Efficiency Project: The project finances investments that have environmental and broader social benefits including modernization of obsolete facilities, installation of highly energy-efficient equipment and processes. > more
Uruguay - Sustainable Management of Natural Resources and Climate Change: The project supports Uruguay's efforts to promote farmer adoption of improved agricultural and livestock practices that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental impact. > more
Uzbekistan - Advanced Electricity Metering: To support the government’s efforts to increase energy efficiency, the project finances the provision of advanced electricity metering and associated information, billing, and management systems for three regional distribution companies. > more

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