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World Bank Green Bond Newsletters

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About World Bank Green Bonds

In 2008, the World Bank launched the "Strategic Framework for Development and Climate Change" to help stimulate and coordinate public and private sector activity to combat climate change. The World Bank Green Bonds is an example of the kind of innovation the World Bank is trying to encourage within this framework.

Benefits to Investors

World Bank Green Bonds are an opportunity to invest in climate solutions through a high quality credit fixed income product. More

World Bank Green Projects, Criteria and Project Cycle

World Bank green projects, like all World Bank projects, are designed to reduce poverty and improve local economies, but specifically focus on tackling climate change issues that directly impact developing countries.

World Bank Green Bond Video: "Overview of the World Bank (IBRD) Green Bond"

Total Issuances to Date

Since the inaugural issue in 2008, the World Bank has issued over USD 5.6 billion in Green Bonds through 62 transactions and 17 currencies. More


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Other World Bank Activities in Climate Change

Learn more about how the World Bank and its member countries address climate change as a development challenge. More