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Issuance Strategy & Product Mix

The World Bank is a flexible borrower and responds to demands to provide the best value to investors worldwide.

World Bank offers a full range of debt products to meet investor demand

  • Benchmark global: high liquidity & spread performance
  • Plain vanilla bonds (also include local currency bonds and bonds targeted for retail investors)
  • Structured Notes: tailored to meet investors’ individual needs.
  • Sustainable investment products: structured or plain vanilla bonds for sustainable investors


World Bank achieves high execution standards

  • Broad sponsorship from underwriters
  • Solid primary placement with a diversified investor base
  • Spread performance

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Annual Issuance Statistics

Funding Volumes - Chart
(Fiscal years 1995-2015)

Issuance Details - Table
(fiscal years 1997-2015)

List of Currencies
(fiscal years 1999-2015)