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Sustainable Investment Products

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"Sustainable Investments" Investor Brief


Focus on Social Development

The World Bank (IBRD) is the single largest investor in the social sectors worldwide with a portfolio of approximately USD 40 billion invested in over 600 projects for social development. The World Bank projects aim to... More

Focus on the Environment

The World Bank is the single largest financier of environmental projects worldwide with a portfolio of USD 12 billion in projects with clear environmental objectives that... More

Focus on "Social Returns"

Investment strategies that integrate social and environmental criteria into investment decisions are becoming increasingly popular. More

Featured "Sustainable Investment Products"

Although all of World Bank bonds are sustainable investment opportunities, the World Bank's borrowing strategy is also growing to include customized, regionally focused investment products that combine financial and social returns. More

The World Bank (IBRD) Green Bond

The World Bank Green Bond was developed in close collaboration with Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken (SEB) in response to investor demand for a triple-A fixed income product that supports projects addressing climate change. More

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