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Borrowing Highlights

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The World Bank issues a range of products designed for different investor groups, chooses timing, currency and maturity of new issues according to market demand, seeks to price fairly in the primary market, monitors the secondary market performance of its issues, and aims for broad geographic placement to a wide range of investors who trade on different signals.

Benchmark and Global Bonds

World Bank benchmark bonds offer institutional investors high secondary market liquidity and spread performance. “Global” benchmarks are issued in major international currencies.

Non Core Currencies

World Bank bonds offer retail and institutional investors potential yield pick-up in their local currency without credit risk.

Structured Notes

World Bank bonds offer institutional investors customized terms such as yield and currencies for enhanced yield potential.

Discount Notes

The World Bank Discount Notes Program offered in the US$ and Eurodollar markets provide flexible and customized short-term debt instruments with maturities from 1-360 days.

Capital At Risk Notes

The World Bank Capital at Risk Notes Program includes its catastrophe bonds that offer investors the opportunity to diversify their portfolios by including new perils and countries that may not already be represented in this market.

Sustainable Investment Products

Customized plain vanilla or structured notes to meet the demand of sustainable investors seeking to make positive impact.