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Capital Markets Department

The Capital Markets Department (CMD) is responsible for issuing World Bank bonds in the international capital markets to finance projects in IBRD member countries. CMD currently borrows around US$ 50-60 billion annually in the international capital markets through more than 300 transactions in over 20 currencies. CMD also works with clients on risk management transactions, and contributes to over all mandate of the World Bank by developing products such as green bonds and disaster risk management tools like catastrophe bonds.

Financial Advisory & Banking Department

The Financial Advisory & Banking (FAB) department is the client engagement hub of Treasury, providing innovative financing and risk management solutions, advisory services, and capacity building in asset and debt management for country clients and public institutions.

Investment Management Department

The Investment Management Department (IMD) manages high grade fixed income and money market portfolios for the World Bank Group and its external clients. The team develops customized investment policies, sector allocations, and investment guidelines for its investment partners and clients, as well as advisory services on portfolio management through the Reserves Advisory Management Program (RAMP).

Treasury Operations Department

The Treasury Operations Department acts as the bank for the World Bank Group by supporting business units with payments, receipts, foreign exchange and cash management needs. TRO is responsible for establishing and managing all bank account relationships, routing details and settlement instructions and is also responsible for the reconciliation, investigations and cash accounting for the Bank’s cash flows. 

Treasury Corporate Services

Treasury Corporate Services (TRECS) mission is to enable and improve operational effectiveness across all Treasury business lines. TRECS work program is focused on mitigating Operational Risk, ensuring a robust control framework for TRE processes as part of the Internal Controls over Financial Reporting (ICFR) Program and asset management activities for external clients under the Service Organization Controls (SOC 1) Reporting; managing TRE Business Continuity Program and Access Control framework for TRE IT applications; supporting TRE IT Investment Program, as well as maintaining the inventory of TRE business processes and promoting best practices in Data Governance.


Pensions & Endowment Department

The Pension & Endowments (PEN) and Pension Administration (PENAD) department, under the leadership of the pension finance administrator, is responsible for the investment management and the administration of the World Bank Group Post Retirement Plans (“The plans”) respectively.

Quantitative Solutions, Strategic Asset Allocation & Analytics Department 

QSA designs policies and strategic frameworks, performs strategic asset allocation, supports asset liability and equity management, develops and implements quantitative models, financial solutions and portfolio analytics for internal & external clients. The team also focuses on quantitative advisory for capacity building of central banks, sovereign wealth & pension funds, office of debt management & strategic partners. In addition, QSA promotes the World Bank Group image and global standing by working as a research hub through partnerships, peer-reviewed articles, internal & external publications, and conferences. QSA is the focal point of all World Bank Treasury quantitative needs.