Water Aug 29, 2018

New Initiative for Sustainable Development Bonds Highlights Water and Ocean Resources

The new $3 billion initiative will aim to highlight water, sanitation and marine protection.

Innovation & History Jul 16, 2018

Treasury's Impact for over 70 Years

Learn more about how Treasury has connected the capital markets to development.

Announcement Aug 15, 2018

Policy Research Working Paper on Public Debt Management IT Systems Published

Find out more about the information technology platform used for debt management from countries across the globe.

Treasurer's Perspective Series Jul 18, 2018

Arunma Oteh: Changing the World One Bond at a Time

Arunma Oteh shares her story as World Bank Treasurer in commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the inaugural World Bank bond issued in 1947.


World Bank Launches First Ever Pandemic Bonds to Support the Pandemic ...

This is the first time that pandemic risk in low-income countries is being transferred to the financial markets.

Thought Leadership

Speeches & Transcripts

Read all of the speeches and transcripts by Treasury experts.

Disaster Risk Finance

World Bank Bonds to Provide $360 Million in Catastrophe Protection for Mexico

These bonds will provide Mexico with financial protection of up to $360 million against losses from earthquakes and tropical cyclones. ...


Meet World Bank Treasury Experts

Treasury plays a pivotal role in ensuring the financial integrity and sustainability of the institution.