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The 2022 World Bank Impact Report covers all World Bank bond issuance and the entire portfolio of IBRD-financed projects in fiscal year 2022

New in This Year's Report: 

  • Nature: This year’s report features nature and biodiversity. Read about programs and projects that are helping conserve, restore, and sustainably manage ecosystems and biodiversity.
  • Evolution: The World Bank Group’s mission, operations, and resources are evolving to better address the scale of development challenges. Read about our plans and engagement with stakeholders. 
  • Paris Alignment: The World Bank is on track to align 100% of new operations, starting from July 1, 2023, with the goals of the Paris Agreement. Read about the technical elements of this work.
  • External Review: For the first time, we have included a post-issuance external review in the IBRD impact report for bond allocation. Find Management’s attestation, the schedule of commitments and disbursements, and conclusions of the review at the end of the report.