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IBRD Funding Program

Impact Report

World Bank Impact Report 2023

The 2023 Impact Report is focused on IBRD Sustainable Development Bonds and Green Bonds, and the IBRD-financed projects supported by these bonds in FY23 (July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023).

World Bank Sustainable Development Bonds – Climate Action

World Bank Sustainable Development Bonds – Climate Action

A summary of the World Bank’s initiative: Sustainable Development Bonds Highlighting the Urgency of Mainstreaming Climate Action, September – November 2021.

  • The World Bank issues Sustainable Development Bonds aligned to the Sustainability Bonds Guidelines and Green Bonds aligned to the Green Bonds Principles. Investments in World Bank bonds Sustainable development bonds support:

    1. the World Bank Group twin goals to end extreme poverty and promote shared prosperity in a sustainable way,
    2. the Sustainable Development Goals, and 
    3. positive social and environmental outcomes in countries.

    The World Bank (IBRD) has maintained a triple-A rating since 1959 and has been issuing bonds since 1959 to support lending to member governments. IBRD’s financial strength comes from the strength of country member support, a well-diversified portfolio of loans to sovereign-guaranteed projects, prudent risk management and substantial liquidity.

    The World Bank benefits from over 75 years of institutional experience. This experience has spurred to create new products, helped develop new markets and benefitted member countries with advise and technical expertise. World Bank “firsts” include: the first swap, global bond, e-bond, green bond and blockchain bond.

  • The World Bank Treasury offers a triple-A rated product mix for investors who seek to do well by doing good.

    Sustainable Development Bonds


    Global & Benchmark Bonds


    Non-Core Currency Bonds

    Structured Notes & Callable Bonds

    Capital At Risk Notes

    Discount Notes & Custom Issues

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    Yield Enhancement

    Cash Management

    Recent Issue(s)

    USD 6 billion dual tranche


    USD 5 billion 5-year due July 2028


    USD 4.5 billion dual tranche

    SOL 100 million Jan 2025

    Offered in major currency, two years or longer, fixed-rate, with early redemption, 100% of notional.


    USD 420 million storm and earthquake coverage for Mexico


    USD 630 million earthquake coverage for Chile

    Offered in US and Euro Dollar markets, with maturities of 13 months or less, and greater than $50,000 through major dealers.

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