IBRD Funding Program


Capital Markets | October 10, 2018

World Bank Bonds Connect Global Investors to Indonesian Capital Markets

The bonds build a bridge between international capital and the country’s development priorities.


Innovations | August 9, 2018

World Bank Issues First Blockchain Bond

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia was the sole-arranger for the deal, which was powered by Microsoft Azure.

  • Financial Strength Backed by Quality Loan Portfolio

    The World Bank is highly valued amongst its borrowing nations which make meeting financial obligations to the World Bank a top priority

    • The World Bank is recognized by the major rating agencies to enjoy a preferred creditor status with its borrower-shareholders
    • Lending is limited to sovereign or sovereign-guaranteed projects and programs.
    • Strict limits are set on loan concentration in individual countries.
    • The World Bank has a policy of freezing loans approvals and disbursements if a country fails to pay obligations on time

    Prudent Risk Management

    The World Bank's strict statutory lending limits and gearing ratio position the World Bank as one of the most prudent and conservative financial institutions in the world.

    Maximum "gearing ratio" of 1:1 Restricts World Bank lending to a maximum of one dollar of outstanding loans and guarantees to one dollar of subscribed capital, reserves, and surplus. As of June 30, 2018, this ratio was 62.1%.

    Substantial Liquidity

    The FY 2019 the target liquidity level has been set at USD 56 Billion; as of June 30, 2018, the actual amount for liquid assets was USD 72 Billion.

    Diversified Stakeholder Base

    The World Bank is recognized by the major rating agencies to enjoy a preferred creditor status with its 189 borrower-shareholders.

    Current Capital (as of June 30,2017) USD Billions

    Total Subscribed Capital
    USD Billions

    Current Capital (as of June 30, 2018)

    Paid-in Capital

    USD 16.4

    Callable Capital

    USD 258.3

    Subscribed Capital

    USD 274.7


  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​In order to fund IBRD projects in member countries, World Bank Treasury currently borrows around USD 50 to USD 60 billion annually in over 20 currencies from the international capital markets. It has offered World Bank bonds and notes in nearly 60 different currencies and opened up new markets for international investors through its issuance in emerging market currencies.

    Benchmark and Global Bonds
    Sustainable Development Bonds
    Green Bonds
    Non-Core Currencies Bonds
    Structured Notes & Callable Bonds
    Capital at Risk Notes
    Discount Notes
    Featured Markets

  • Focus on Social Development

    The World Bank is the single largest investor in the social sectors worldwide with a portfolio of approximately USD 40 billion invested in over 600 projects for social development. The World Bank projects aim to:

    • Improve health care, nutrition, childhood development and education
    • Strengthen social security, pension and legal systems
    • Protect and empower the most vulnerable groups of society, including women and the poor in rural areas
    • Reduce poverty, improve living standards and raise incomes and productivity.