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World Bank Green Bond
Impact Report - June 2015
World Bank Green Projects. The World Bank’s impact report summarizes the list of eligible projects for which Green Bond proceeds are used to support disbursement financing. It also summarizes select results indictors for each project that demonstrate their environmental and social impacts.

The indicators are intended to illustrate the type and scale of expected results in a variety of sectors and country contexts.
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World Bank Bonds Support Sustainable Development
Investor Newsletter - April 2015
Sustainable Development recognizes that growth must be both inclusive and environmentally sound to reduce poverty and build shared prosperity for today’s population and to continue to meet the needs of future generations. It is efficient with resources and carefully planned to deliver both immediate and long-term benefits. Read more here.

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To fund development projects in member countries, World Bank bonds are issued by the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) in the international capital markets. With a triple-A credit rating, wide choice of products, and sustainable investment opportunities, World Bank bonds are a suitable choice for investors seeking financial investments that help the World Bank’s mandate to alleviate poverty worldwide.