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IBRD Funding Program

Non-Core Currency Bonds

  • World Bank (IBRD) bonds in non-core currencies offer quality credit and portfolio diversification opportunities for investors interested in the emerging markets and European accession countries. Benefits include:

    • AAA/Aaa issuer credit rating
    • Portfolio diversification opportunity for suitable portfolios
    • Local currency exposure, often with clearing mechanisms, listing, and governing law that are familiar to international investors.

    Typical Features of World Bank (IBRD) Eurobonds in Non-Core Currencies

    • Issuer: International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD)
    • Clearing and Settlement: Euroclear, Clearstream or DTC
    • Listing: Luxembourg
    • Governing Law: English/New York

    Liquidity Backstop

    Dealers in all World Bank bonds provide secondary markets in the notes that they underwrite. The World Bank may, at its discretion, buy back all or a portion of certain debt issues from approved dealers, subject to asset-liability constraints. Liquidity Backstop