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Our Vision

To be the trusted leader, global expert and continuous innovator - delivering impactful financial services with integrity and excellence.


Our Mission

To contribute to the Twin Goals of the World Bank Group (WBG): (1) Ending extreme poverty and (2) Promoting shared prosperity. We do this by ensuring the long-term financial sustainability of the World Bank (IBRD and IDA), using capital markets innovations to finance sustainable development, exceeding investment objectives, and serving clients through advisory and risk management products and services.

Our Work

Manage the World Bank's finances to enable all operations and lending

  • By proactive balance sheet management to safeguard our triple-A ratings and our strong financial position
  • Through strategic funding to cost effectively raise funds from the global capital markets and provide concessional financing to our borrowing clients
  • By managing and administering assigned internal and external portfolios effectively and delivering targeted excess returns within approved risk limits

Act as a trusted advisor to our member countries to support financial stability and resilience

  • By applying international best practices in managing our clients' assets and reserves
  • By investing in human capital through training, advising and convening client country officials for learning and networking

Lead financial innovation to implement the Maximizing Finance for Development agenda

  • By developing new instruments to channel funding to development priorities such as climate, pandemic, refugee crisis, and infrastructure
  • By offering mechanisms to reduce risks and promote private sector investment
  • By providing thought leadership in the broader treasury and financial management arena