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The Reserve Advisory & Management Partnership is a program developed within the World Bank Treasury that delivers advisory services, hosts executive training, and provides asset management services—all within a global network of public asset managers.

Established in 2001, the Partnership serves over 70 members, including mostly central banks as well as international financial institutions, pension funds and sovereign wealth funds. Together, RAMP members manage over $2 trillion of sovereign assets. 

RAMP works toward the Sustainable Development Goals

For the Republic of Congo, Economic Diversification Offers a Path to Prosperity
Sustainable Development Goal

Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

Sustainable Development Goal

Goal 13: Climate Action

Sustainable Development Goal

Goal 16: Strong Institutions

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Sustainable Development Goal

Goal 17: Partnerships

RAMP promotes countries’ stability, resilience, and prosperity through public asset management advisory

  • RAMP aims to strengthen the investment management capacities of public sector institutions. RAMP builds human capital by sharing financial knowledge and developing financial expertise, and empowers international development agencies by sharing asset management knowledge and expertise that helps maximize their financial resources.

    Members from regions around the world join RAMP because they gain access to advisory and asset management services, a trusted adviser, and a robust training program, develop their staff through sponsored training, and join a global network and partnership. 

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  • RAMP acts as a trusted partner to members and ensures all contractual commitments are properly fulfilled. Members receive individual consultations and onsite visits by Treasury specialists to determine an institution’s needs and the best approach. RAMP also provides members access to World Bank experts, external consultants, or outside specialists.

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  • Each year, RAMP convenes events that build community and promote knowledge sharing among public sector asset management practitioners. These conferences bring together members and non-members to build awareness of common challenges, share effective responses, and expand peer-to-peer networks.

    RAMP’s signature event, the Executive Forum, occurs annually in Washington, immediately after the IMF-World Bank Spring Meetings. It attracts central bank governors, heads of pension and sovereign wealth funds, and leading intellectuals as presenters and participants. RAMP also brings together industry peers at events focused on regional or thematic issues, such as co-hosting the Public Investors Conference on Portfolio and Risk Management.

    RAMP also hosts every year a Global Summit on Reserve Management in Asia, wtih previous events in Beijing, Tokyo and Bangkok. At the Summit, public sector asset managers from dozens of institutions exchanged ideas on how to address potential monetary policy spillovers, portfolio strategies in a low interest rate environment, and the implications of new technology on reserve management.

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  • World Bank Treasury asset managers formulate and implement sound investment and risk management policies and practices for funds managed on behalf of RAMP members. With over $23 billion of AUM for RAMP members, preservation of capital at high levels of confidence over the investment horizon is the overarching guiding principle in pursuing reasonable risk-adjusted returns.

    Asset Management Mandates
    RAMP members can choose between four available mandates:

    • Global Government Bond
    • US Dollar or Euro, Single-Currency, Short Duration Government Bond
    • US Agency Mortgage-Backed Securities
    • Renminbi (“CNY”) Short Duration Government Bond.

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RAMP contributes to public asset management knowledge

RAMP surveys and publishes its flagship publication every two years with input from over 120 central banks. An exclusive data set, the report provides valuable insights into reserve management operations and practices across the world, enabling countries to improve their operations and resilience to economic shocks. 

RAMP supports World Bank member countries

RAMP is a one-of-a-kind global partnership that delivers advisory services across governance, asset allocation, portfolio and risk management, operations, accounting, IT and legal. RAMP's advisory services support reserve managers and public asset managers as stewards of their economies.

RAMP builds capacity, makes impact through people

Hear from World Bank RAMP member institution staff on how the advisory services, executive training, global network and asset management services have supported their work.

Central Bank

Wendy D’Arbasie, Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago

Wendy D’Arbasie is Manager of the Reserves and Domestic Market Management at the Central Bank of Trinidad & Tobago, where she is responsible for managing foreign currency reserves.

Central Bank

Víctor Vásquez, Bank of Guatemala

Víctor Vásquez is Director of the International Department at the Bank of Guatemala, where he is responsible for the management of foreign exchange reserves.

Pension Fund

Sohyoung Park, Korea National Pension Service

Ms. Sohyoung Park is the Portfolio Manager of the Investment Strategy Division at the Korea National Pension Service (NPS), where she is responsible for managing the investment portfolio analyses and strategic asset allocation.

Sovereign Wealth Fund

Abdiel A. Santiago, Panama Savings Fund

Mr. Abdiel Santiago is the Secretariat of the Panama Savings Fund, where his role includes the responsibilities of both a chief executive officer and chief investment officer.

Central Bank

Ly Sideth, National Bank of Cambodia

Ly is the Director of Exchange Management Department at the National Bank of Cambodia (NBC), where he is responsible for managing foreign reserves of NBC and implementing domestic exchange rate policy.

International Financial Institution

Simona Colaiacomo, FAO of the United Nations

Simona Colaiacomo is Head of Treasury and Senior Financial Officer at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, where she is responsible for the Organization’s cash and liquidity management, foreign exchange operations, and investment management activities.

Central Bank

Ilia Galabov, Bulgarian National Bank

Mr. Ilia Galabov is the Director of Risk Analysis and Control Directorate at the Bulgarian National Bank (BNB), where he is responsible for risk management.

Learn what RAMP offers to public asset managers