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Since 2001, the World Bank RAMP has used its extensive experience working with central banks worldwide to conduct over 100 peer reviews of public asset management institutions.

Peer reviews can help understand opportunities for improving the investment and risk management framework by reviewing existing operations. The review is confidential, nonbinding, and complimentary and can be conducted onsite or online.


Become a Member

Learn more about the World Bank RAMP peer review process.


RAMP's Mission & Impact

Understand how the World Bank is the trusted partner for public asset managers.

Become a Member

It takes only a few steps for a public asset management institution to become a member of the World Bank’s Reserve Advisory & Management Partnership.

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Step 1

Request Peer Review

The process begins by requesting a peer review – an initial assessment of your institution’s asset management practices – by World Bank specialists. The review is voluntary, complimentary, and can be either onsite or virtual.

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Step 2

Select Level of Services

You will receive a confidential aide memoire that summarizes the peer review’s findings, laying out a proposed engagement plan. Working with World Bank specialists, you can determine the scope and type of services you would like.

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Step 3

Select Investment Mandate

Determine whether your institution’s members will include an investment mandate. RAMP offers various investment mandates, and nearly all institutions have one as a part of their membership. Alternatively, a fee-for-service plan is available.

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Step 4

Sign Legal Agreement

The fourth and final step is to sign the legal agreements to complete the process. The World Bank legal team sends the draft agreement to the institution.

Join a Diverse & Global Membership

RAMP is a program developed within the World Bank Treasury that builds human capital, delivers asset management services, and convenes a network of practitioners—all in one. Established in 2001, the Partnership serves over 70 members, including mostly central banks as well as international financial institutions, pension funds and sovereign wealth funds. Together, RAMP members manage over $2 trillion of sovereign assets.

Membership at a Glance

·         Over 70 institutions worldwide

·         4 out of 5 have a World Bank investment mandate

·         3 out of 4 are central banks

·         Broad representation across all regions

·         Nearly all are based middle- or high-income countries

·         Support members in a fragile or conflict-affected situation

Bank of Guatemala

"The Bank of Guatemala joined RAMP to strengthen and update the capacity of internal management, implement investment best practices, and access high-level training on international reserves management themes."

National Pension Service of Korea

"We have learned a great deal from the RAMP members. For example, some specialists, who were former public pensions staff at other large, notable institutions, shared with us their experiences on investment framework, policies, and markets."

Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago

"We have learned the value of partnership through our interactions with other members. RAMP’s overall value is its status as a trusted partner to help us meet our short- and long-term goals."

Panama Savings Fund

"The Fund joined RAMP to catalyze our Board’s understanding of long-term investing, accelerate our team’s investment management skillset, and establish a strong market-based foundation and validation of the Fund."