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Asset Management

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We are the trusted partner for public asset managers.

We reinvest in clients, not the bottom line, through our cooperative model. We are the oldest and largest central bank partnership dedicated to improving reserve management.

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We improve asset management to support stability, resilience, and prosperity.

We manage assets of the World Bank’s trust funds and over 70 public asset management institutions worldwide, including central banks, pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, and UN agencies--serving clients’ individual needs while striving to delivering returns above benchmarks.

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We manage assets for development partners, RAMP members & external clients.

As the largest asset manager in the development community, with over $80 billion of assets under management, we leverage our experience to improve public asset management worldwide.

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We work toward the Sustainable Development Goals.

Our work in improving public asset management worldwide contributes to economic growth, climate action, strong institutions, and partnerships.

With over $80 billion of assets under management, we are the largest asset manager in the development community

  • We put clients first. 
    As trusted partners for public asset management institutions worldwide, seasoned portfolio managers have decades of experience delivering returns above benchmarks while meeting clients’ needs and guidelines.

    We see opportunities where others see market inefficiencies. 
    We manage benchmarked portfolios to generate consistent and incremental excess returns and control the risk of large drawdowns. Wealso actively manage model portfolio asset allocations for trust funds to reduce risk and increase alpha across different market segments.

    We integrate ESG to improve financial outcomes.
    The World Bank trust funds sustainable fixed-income strategy seeks to build on historical investment objectives such as capital preservation and high liquidity by demonstrating that capital can contribute to sustainable development even before disbursement.

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  • We provide asset management services for the Reserve Advisory & Management Partnership (RAMP), the oldest and largest partnership dedicated to immproving reserve management. Established in 2001, the Partnership serves over 70 members, including central banks, international financial institutions, pension funds and sovereign wealth funds. Together, RAMP members manage over $2 trillion of sovereign assets.

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A global fixed-income portfolio management leader

We develop financial products across asset classes to meet a rapidly changing world and global challenges facing public asset managers. In line with our Socially Responsible Investment Statement, we deliver advisory services on portfolio management and sustainable investing to our clients.

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Asset Management

Socially Responsible Investing Statement (Coming Soon)