IBRD Funding Program


Below is a list of bonds recently issued by the World Bank (IBRD). It is not a complete list, and is intended only to give examples of some of the types of bonds and structures that have recently been issued by the World Bank through the underwriters mentioned. Please note that some of the bonds listed include early termination and other structured provisions as described in the applicable Final Terms (or Pricing Supplement), and that some bonds may have already been terminated or matured. 

The information described below and the documents available therein are provided for general information purposes only and do not constitute an offer for sale of the securities described therein.  The offering and sale of the securities described below are subject to restrictions under the laws of various jurisdictions. Securities may not be offered or sold except in compliance with all such laws. Any offer of the securities will solely take place on the basis of the Prospectus and the applicable Final Terms prepared by the World Bank or on behalf of the World Bank. If you have any questions, please contact us at debtsecurities@worldbank.org.

This page will host Final Terms for all IBRD issues that are publicly available in the future. Please check back for updates.